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FLA and SWF files. Editing
What is the FLA ?
FLA is the commonly used format by ADOBE FLASH software.
 This is the source code of the published (SWF format) Flash animations.
Q Can we change the links on the Interactive Map that we purchased without ordering a new map?
- Yes, you can easily do it. Simply edit the FLA-file in any version of ADOBE FLASH . No programming experience or special software necessary.
Q  Can I have instructions to place this map into PowerPoint?
- Yes. You may find this article useful: http://office.microsoft.com/en-us/powerpoint-help/play-a-macromedia-flash-animation-in-powerpoint-HA001034807.aspx?redir=0
Q Can I show map states (districts/counties/provinces/cities etc.) name in Chinese (French/Japanese/Korean/German/Cyrillic/Arabic etc.) characters?
- Yes. You can change English names to other languages yourself. Currently all our maps are available with the English state names.
Q I want to have my logo on your map. Which formats can I insert onto your map?
- You can insert images, photos, sounds, videos… anything.
Q How many cities can you add to the map? Can I increase/decrease the number of cities?
- Yes, you can enter the town and residential units.
Q The size of the map you are offering is 800x500 px. Is it possible to buy the map with different size, e.g. 400x200 px?
- Yes. We have designed resizable Interactive Maps. Email us the map size (in pixels) you would like to have and we will adjust the size of the map you have selected.
Q Do your maps comply with databases?
- Yes. Our maps work properly with the most popular database software, but we do not provide map database installation.